Garage Door Stuck? Here’s What To Look For

There are a few different things that can cause your garage door to become stuck. Some of them require a professional to repair and others involve quick fixes you can do yourself. Here are some things to check when your garage door won’t move.

Power Source

Check the battery in your opener. If the battery is dead or weak, your garage door won’t respond. However, if the problem is in the opener, your door should work okay when you trigger it with the switch inside your garage.

On the other hand, your door may not respond to the inside switch either. This could signal a problem with the switch or wiring. Unless you have experience working with electrical components, you should have a professional fix power problems with your garage door.

Sensor Problems

Another common reason garage doors stop working is due to sensor problems. Your door has sensors near the bottom that must align with each other. If they can’t see each other because of an obstruction, or because one of them has moved, your garage door won’t work.

Adjust the sensors if needed so they point straight at each other. Clean them too. If a spider web or dirt gets inside, then the beam will be blocked and affect the operation of your garage door.


Another thing to check is the garage door track. If you haven’t swept it out in a long time, there might be clumps of leaves or dust in them that jam the movement of your garage door.

Also, if you store a lot of belongings in your garage, something may have fallen against the track. A squirrel or rat might drop food or bedding into the space too. Use a broom to sweep the track and operational parts of the door to get rid of obstructions.

Worn Chain

If you can’t find a reason your garage door won’t open or close, it could be the chain. Garage door chains wear out over time and need to eventually be replaced. This isn’t a job you should tackle yourself. You’ll need to hire a professional garage door repair company like Duncan Door Service Inc instead. Changing the chain is dangerous and should only be done by someone with experience.

If the chain is the problem, you should have noticed signs of impending failure long before your door quit working. If you heard odd grinding noises or noticed your door jerking, then that was an indication of chain problems.

While you can’t do much to prevent the need for chain replacement and electrical repairs, you can keep your garage door from failing due to other reasons by keeping it clean and lubricated. You should also perform a systems test every month, or as often as recommended by the manufacturer, so you are alerted to potential problems.

Author: Amy Winter

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