How To Replace The Rollers On A Garage Door

One of the signs that you need new rollers on your garage door is by the sound the bad rollers make. The rollers will start screeching whenever the garage door goes up or down. The problem is that the bearings on the roller are breaking down and need be replaced. Here is how you can replace the top, middle, and bottom rollers.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Drill with socket extension
  • Ratchet
  • Socket set
  • Hammer
  • Vice Grips
  • Large screwdriver

Safety Alert

Only work on one roller at a time to protect the integrity of door and keep it from collapsing. Also, make sure you have disconnected the latch from the automatic door opener so the door doesn’t start to move while you are working on it.

Top Rollers

There is a nut either on the top or bottom side of the harness holding the top roller in place. You can remove the nut with a ratchet and socket to separate the retainer the roller from the harness that is connected to the door. You might have to bang the retainer with a hammer to loosen it, but otherwise, it should come off easily. Slip the roller out of the retainer, put the new one in, and reconnect the retainer to the harness after you slide the head of the roller back into the slot on the rail.

Middle Rollers

The middle rollers are typically attached to the door with a hinge that allows each row of door panels to bend over the top of the rail and come to a rest in the rails over your head. The easiest way to unbolt the hinge from the door frame is by using an electric drill with a socket attachment. Pull the hinge off the door while angling the roller out of the rail. The roller will slip right out of the hinge. If you want a quieter operating garage door, you can use a nylon roller to replace the steel one. Put the new roller into the hinge, slide the roller into the rail, and reconnect the hinge to the door.

Bottom Roller

Raise the door until the bottom roller reaches the middle bracket connecting the rail to the garage (about 3 ½ feet high).  If you have a rope tied to the bottom roller harness to help you open and close the door manually, you’ll want to remove it before working on the roller. You will need to bend the rail outwards a little to remove the roller. Use a pair of large vice grips to grab the edge of the rail and pull it towards you to open up enough space so you can pop the roller out with a large screwdriver. You might have to bang on the roller stem with a hammer to loosen it. Put in a new roller and slide it back into the groove you made in the rail with the vice grips. Bang the rail back into shape with the hammer to close the gap you made.

The rollers can get so bad that it can get hard to raise and lower your garage door. If fixing it on your own seems a bit much for you, then call a garage door repair specialist to do it for you, like Central Florida Garage Doors.

Author: Amy Winter

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