How To Outwit Thieves Using Your Garage Door

Before leaving your home for the day, you may check each of your exterior doors to make sure that they’re secure and locked. It’s unlikely that you examine your garage door with the same level of scrutiny. However, your garage door may provide the easiest access to your home for would-be burglars. Read on to learn more about some common ways thieves try to break into your garage, as well as ways to provide additional security through your garage door.

What are your garage door’s weak points?

Recently, a video surfaced that demonstrated how to open a garage door using a metal coat hanger in only a few seconds. Most garage doors operate using a very similar mechanism, which makes it fairly easy for an agile thief to learn how to crack any garage door on a street. The most common entry point involves the release latch — the lever that allows you to open and close the garage door manually in the event of a power outage or emergency.

If your garage door has windows, this may make it even easier for thieves to gain access — either by breaking the windows and manually unlatching the door, or using the windows to see exactly where they should aim the coat hanger to release the latch.

How can you protect your garage door from these breaches?

There are several ways to help provide additional security for your garage door.

The first is to simply disable the manual release latch. You can do this by unhooking the chain that connects the latch to the door. As an alternative, you can use a zip-tie to secure the latch to the door and prevent it from being lifted. However, this method can be dangerous if you need to suddenly lift your garage door and are unable to do it manually (for example, if a pet or child is stuck in the door).

You can also purchase and install garage door locks that prevent the manual latch from engaging from the outside. These locks have a tongue design that sticks into the track to prevent movement of the door.

As a final security measure, you can install the same window alarms on your garage door windows as you use on your home’s windows. These alarms are motion-activated and can set off an alarm (or contact the police) as soon as they detect that the window’s glass has been broken. Contact a company like K & M Overhead Door for more information.

Author: Amy Winter

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