2 Reasons To Let A Professional Install Your New Garage Door

Buying a new garage door is a great way to customize your home, increase property value, and make your home more secure. However, trying to save money by installing a new garage door yourself can be a mistake. Two reasons to let a professional, like one from Upstate Garage, install your new garage door are that the task can be complicated and strenuous.


Installing a new garage door is going to require several different skill-sets, especially if you want the job done properly. For example, you are going to need general construction skills simply in order to measure and place the new door. In addition, you will need to be able to accurately place all of the tracks so that the door will open smoothly and easily.

You will also need to be able to work with electrical wiring in order to make sure that the motor that opens and closes the garage door is connected to a power source. The motor can either be connected to the power grid directly, or it can be connected to an outlet that is located near the motor’s location. However, you will still need those electrical skills if there are no outlets located nearby, mostly because you will need to install a new outlet.

The good news is that many garage door dealers will provide you with the option to have the door installed by a professional technician. This technician will have all of the mechanical, electrical, and construction skills necessary to make sure that your garage door works correctly.


Installing a new garage door can be a physically demanding task. Not only is the garage door going to be quite unwieldy due to its size, but it will also be extremely heavy. The door will get even heavier if you choose to utilize a material such as wood or metal.

In order to get the door properly setup and installing, you will require the help of at least one other person. In addition to needing multiple people, the task of installing a garage door can take quite a bit of time, especially for the average homeowner.

However, when you hire a professional, he or she will arrive with enough people to make sure that the door goes up easily and quickly. The added benefit to the professional showing up with a crew of worker is that your garage door is less likely to be damaged during installation due to how unwieldy the door can be. This is mostly due to the fact that there will be multiple people available to help the technician balance and control the door while it is being mounted.

Speak to your local garage door dealer today in order to see the many great garage door options that are available to you. By allowing a professional to install the door, you can ensure that the door is installed correctly, quickly, and with little effort required on your part.

Author: Amy Winter

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