High Impact Hurricane Windows

Hurricanes can be a major issue in coastal areas, threatening homes with incredibly high winds and spreading debris picked up by the storms. Homeowners want to protect their homes against these large storms, and one way to safeguard a house in hurricane areas is with impact hurricane windows, also known as storm-proof windows.

What Is a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are storms that originate from the ocean that then travel toward shore. They comprise low pressure winds that exceed or remain at 74 miles per hour. Most of the storm picks up speed while in the ocean, but then loses its energy as the winds come in contact with the shore. Click here for a more in-depth description of a hurricane.

What Is an Impact Hurricane Window?

An impact hurricane window is a normal, glass window with two special panes of PVB (polyvinyl butaryl) on each side. If hurricane winds pick up an object and hurl it through the air into a storm proof window, the glass in between the two panes will shatter, but the two panes will stay in place, not allowing any of the broken glass to penetrate the house. These windows have been thoroughly tested to assure customer satisfaction and protection.

There are different ways to make these windows. For example, instead of making two panes of PVB, the manufacturers may opt to use one panel of PVB and another panel of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Another option is to make the panels out of a much stronger glass, which is considerably stronger and is sometimes used to make bullet-proof glass.

How Is Testing Done on Impact Hurricane Windows?

These windows must meet many standards that have been set throughout the United States in order to ensure quality windows. These windows undergo tests by having various objects thrown at the window at various speeds. These objects vary in weight and speed so that the window can withstand many different types of flying debris.

Why Should I Get These Windows Instead of Normal Ones?

There are many reasons why these windows, from companies like Door Depot Of SW Florida Inc, are superior to normal windows, and here are just a few:

  • Though these windows are advertised as being hurricane storm-proof, they are also great protectors against flying debris in tornadoes.
  • These windows have different styles and sizes to fit into many different types of window frames.
  • These windows can dampen outside noise because of the additional panes.

Author: Amy Winter

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