Carried Away: Carriage-House Swinging Doors Offer Benefits For Older Homes

Are you looking for a new garage door for your home, especially one that’s doesn’t require extensive modifications to the ceiling of your garage? If so, you might want to look at carriage-house swinging doors. These old-style garage doors are available with automatic openers now, meaning you can have a retro style without having to constantly get out of your car to open the doors. That’s excellent news for homeowners who have restrictions regarding what they can install in their homes, because swinging doors offer some specific benefits over more basic doors.

Easier to Maintain

The hardware used for swinging doors is installed on the sides of the doors, and not overhead like it would be for overhead doors. This makes maintaining the doors a lot easier because you don’t need to get really tall ladders to reach everything. Having the hardware on the sides also saves you from having to modify your garage ceiling.

This is crucial because depending on how your house is set up or when it was built, you could have a lot of odd wiring in the ceiling. Trying to install the garage door opener would require more care and time than simply adding the hardware to the walls, where the home’s wiring is often much more straightforward.

Easier to Preserve Style

Carriage houses are older types of garages. They literally housed carriages before cars were common, and then they transformed into garages for cars once horse-drawn carriages were no longer used. Many houses built back in the days of horses or early automobile models still exist. Adding modern garage doors to the houses can make the doors look oddly out of place, and the carriage-house-style overhead doors just don’t have that authentic feeling to them. Plus, some older houses end up on local historical registers, which can restrict renovations.

Carriage-style swinging doors complete the look of the house. They don’t require a lot of visual changes and don’t seem out of place. The doors are available in different colors and with different designs, so you can find a pair that really fit the look of the house well.

Easier to Operate

If you have shoulder or arm problems, too, the swinging doors can be much easier to operate if you have to open or close them manually. All you’re doing is pushing or pulling the doors — you don’t have to reach up and try to pull or lift heavy doors along a ceiling track.

Swinging doors do need extra space in front of the garage for clearance. That means you’ll have to ensure you stop your car an adequate distance away from the doors to prevent damage. When you get the doors, open them fully and drive your car up to the garage. Stop the car and note where you have to stop — use visual cues like permanent planters and parts of the house to indicate that you’ve driven close enough. Line them up visually with a part of your car so you know to stop when the doors are closed.

If you’re interested in getting carriage-style swinging doors, contact a garage door company like Quality Door Service that has both automatic and manual styles in stock. The staff can let you know about which designs might be most appropriate for your house.

Author: Amy Winter

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