Improve The Value Of Your Home With New Garage Doors

As a homeowner, your home is important for many reasons. Whether you plan to stay in it for the “long haul” or resell it, the financial value of your home is an important asset. There are simple ways to improve on the aesthetic look of your house and add to its value without spending large sums of money. Getting new garage doors is one such small improvement that can make a big difference.

Improves the retail value

Real estate prices have seen a major decline over the past decade. While there are signs of improvement being experienced now, the market can still be unfriendly. Since nearly 5 million homes are resold each year, it serves a purpose to make your home as marketable as possible. It is estimated that getting a new garage door is a home improvement decision that can often see a return of up to 75 percent on the original investment, especially if the garage door can be seen from the curb to improve on the “curb appeal” of your house. 

Prospective buyers sometimes need only about 8 seconds to determine whether or not they will buy your house. Garage doors take up a lot of space and are usually conspicuous, so one that is painted in colors that appeal to prospective buyers could improve your chances of a sale. Colors such as light blue, grey, yellow and off-white are recommended.

Aesthetically pleasing

New garage doors can simply make your house more beautiful. The cost can vary depending on the style, size and material used. Wood, fiberglass or metal are the most available choices. The price of new garage doors can range anywhere from about $400 up to $9000. Installing them yourself will make the process cheaper, but the high end prices usually include installation. Added features such as styles in window features and handles as well as automatic door openers will sometimes add to the overall cost.

Custom-made doors tend to be the most expensive, but they can be worth the cost. Consult with a garage door retailer in your area for advice on such issues as the best garage door for your climate, and other concerns such as salt in the air, as these considerations can affect the durability, appearance and functionality of your garage doors over the long term.

Since there are so many styles and choices of garage doors, it can be better for you if you consult with a professional like one from Walpole Doors before installing. Get at least three bids from your local retailers so that you can make the best and most economical choice for your home.

Author: Amy Winter

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