Call A Garage Door Repair Service If You Notice These Three Issues

You open and close your garage door multiple times per day, and you likely don’t think much about the process. However, it’s ideal to take some degree of an interest in your garage door so that you can catch problems as soon as they occur. While you can address simple things such as lubricating the garage door’s hinges, larger projects should call for the help of a professional. There are several potential risks to working on a garage door, but your local repair service will know the exact approach to take to get the job done correctly and safely. Here are three issues to watch for.

Fraying Of The Cables

Take a moment to note the location of your garage door cables; you should seem them attached to a pulley on each side of the upper inside of the door. The cables play an instrumental role in opening and closing the door, but through repeated use, they can eventually get frayed. You can often visibly see signs of the fraying – look for the thin cable fibers that are sticking out of the cable. Fraying means that there’s a chance that one or both of your cables could break, which could result in the door falling to the ground and seriously injuring you or a family member. Your garage door contractor will be able to replace them so you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Door Doesn’t Close All The Way

If you have a powered garage door opener, take note of how the door closes. If the safety sensors located on the frame around the door are not properly calibrated or are faulty, there’s a chance that they might send a message to the door to stop closing before it makes contact with your garage floor. This can mean that the door actually stops a few inches before it’s actually closed. This is a concern because it decreases the security of your home; your garage door service will fix or replace these sensors for you.

Door Jolts As It Moves

Your garage door should open and close in a smooth manner. If it’s jolting as it operates, it’s often a sign of problems with the rollers or possibly an issue with the motor. Your repair technician will assess the reason for the jolty operation and take steps to fix it, including replacing some rollers or even cleaning the rollers and the track. Contact a business, such as Shank Door, for more information. 

Author: Amy Winter

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